Get ready to witness the most awaited MUN of the year, to be held on 24th — 25th May 2018.
In our ninth year, we bring to you a conference like none other.


Over the years, we have collectively set records, not just for others but also for ourselves. Our biggest challenges are living up to our seniors and carrying the legacy of MUNQS forward while maintaining our ethics and spirit.


It's not about winning, it's about wanting to win

Zeste MUN'14 - 5 Best Delegates, 2 High Commendations, Best Delegation. President G20.

RISMUN'14 - 4 Best Delegates, 3 High Commendations, Best Delegation. President ECOSOC, Best Photographer, Editor, Layout Designer.


INMUN 2014 - 5 Best Delegates, 2 High Commendations, Best Delegation.
ModMUN 2014 - 7 Best Delegates , 1 High Commendation, 1 Special Mention, Best Delegation.
DPS Noida MUN 2014 – 2 Best Delegates, 2 High Commendations, 1 Special Mention, Best Delegation. AIMUN 2014 - 5 Best Delegates, Best Delegation.
Zeste MUN 2015 – 2 Best Delegates, 3 High Commendations, 2 Special Mentions, 1 Best Newcomer, Best Delegation.
RISMUN 2015 - 3 Best Delegates, 1 high commendation, Best delegation.


A few words from our side

Manohar Lal
Principal, DPS Mathura Road

We welcome you all to MUNQSMUN 2018. Initiated with a vision to be more than just a platform for school students to deliberate and negotiate on International matters. This year our students have aimed to seek perfection and present an amalgam of old and new. Keeping in mind our school's motto "Service Before Self" we hope the delegates will solve the problems plaguing our planet through global and peaceful solutions. We hope that is event will see thoughtful debating, diplomatic negotiations and bring out the leader in you. Hope to see you all at Delhi Public School, Mathura Road's MUNQSMUN 2018. All the very best.


A Congregation of Unprecedented Ideas & Versed Concepts.

United Nations General Assembly (Plenary)(Double Delegation)

Agenda—Post conflict reconstruction with special emphasis on Judicial Mechanisms

United Nations Security Council (Double Delegation)

Agenda— Discussion of the principle of self defence with special emphasis on Caroline test

International Law Commission

Agenda—Discussing the principle of Erga Omnes, with special emphasis on Barcelona Traction Case

International Atomic Energy Agency (Board of Governors)

Agenda—Reviewing the IAEA safeguard agreements with emphasis on the International Nuclear treaties and other bodies affiliated for Nuclear disarmament, non proliferation and Nuclear material supply

Human Rights Council

Agenda—Addressing the situation of human rights violation and Extra Judicial Killings in the disputed territories of India with special emphasis on Kashmir

Economic and Financial Council of European Union

Agenda—Devising the strategy for improvement of stance of EU in the International market with special emphasis on emergency maneuvers and trade disputes

Council of Emergency Control Ministry (EMERCOM)

Theme—Crimean Crisis

All India Political Parties Meet

Agenda—Discussing the need for a Special Category Status for States with Special emphasis on Andhra Pradesh