Our Seniors' Messages

The ones that inspire us.

Shirin Rai Gupta

MUNQS defined Mathura Road for me. I have shared everything with my Society; from brutal training sessions and stressful award ceremonies to impromptu Sunday plans. I distinctly remember carrying bundles of paper back when research meant reading through hard copies and putting pen to paper - surrounded by the entire delegation and never alone. MUNQS has faced harsh criticism from many corners but no one can dispute the fact that it has given birth to leaders at Mathura Road for years and will never cease to amaze. I will always remember the first set of interviews I held for the Society, when we saw room number 64 overflowing with aspirants. We ate, worked, sang and cried together for years, and nowhere else can I hope to find the energy that MUNQS awarded each of its members. MUNQS will always conquer because we will always remember that winning isn't everything; wanting to win is. :')

Sanchit Gupta

MUNQS has always been a family and MUNQSMUN is it’s prodigal son. I am proud that all my juniors have managed to keep it in the same spirit. MUNQS has always been more than just a group or a society , it’s a bond that all its members share. I am more than happy to see Neha Dewan as a successor and the leader of MUNQS. I am sure that she will be able to do justice to her position and to the event. All The very best For The MUN.

Vismaya Jain

A few years ago, DPS Mathura Road was introduced to the concept of Model UN by a bunch of my genius seniors. I was a part of the first wide-eyed batch of kids that adapted to MUNning as a serious hobby back in the day, and it was somewhere around then, that MUNQS was conceptualised as a club. I grew to love it, I learned from it and I made some incredible memories along the way. Turns out, it's a lot more than merely a Model United Nations and Quiz Society. Ever since it's inception, MUNQS has helped students to not just develop and hone their debating skills, but to recognize them in the first place. And each year, it just keeps getting bigger and better. Having watched it grow in leaps and bounds, I can safely say that MUNQS is a brilliant platform for young debaters today. The conferences are extremely well-organized, the debates carefully thought out and the participation simply outstanding. Kudos to the juniors for keeping the legacy alive and forward, and I assure you all MUNQS '13 will be an experience you wouldn't want to miss!

Praneeth Rao

I have always been really attached to both MUNQS and MUNs for both have really helped me to grow as a person. From 2007, when MUNQSMUN was first held at an intra-school level to 2010, when we decided to take it to an inter-school to today, when MUNQSMUN has become one of the most sought after School MUNs in the Delhi/NCR region, each and every person associated with MUNQS has contributed to this Incredible Journey. May this proud legacy continue and further reach new heights!

Abhinav Vats

It has always been an enriching learning experience with MUNQS. We started off for the first Inter school MUNQSMUN at a modest scale with a desire to see it reach extraordinary heights. I must admit that the past members have handled it really well and MUNQSMUN is without doubt a cherished celebration of extra curricular excellence of DPS Mathura Road, eagerly awaited by other schools of Delhi-NCR as well. I hope the effort behind it continues to have its multiplier effects with learning opportunities for its past, current and future members. I have my best wishes for this year's organizing team. Thanks a lot.

Anoosha Saklani

When I was in 9th standard, and gave my interviews for MUNQS, I never understood the significance of that moment, or the wheels I had set in motion. When I became the President MUNQS three years later I had a better understanding of the legacy I was expected to carry forward, and as I left school it was with apprehension and doubt about what would happen to the Society I had grown with and loved so dearly. When I returned to witness MUNQSMUN as I do each year, all my doubts get cleared because it still lives upto its reputation of the most challenging MUN you will ever come across, because MUNQS still signifies survival of the fittest as it always did, and in the grown up little kids I trained years ago I see the same zeal with which I had worked to be a MUNQS member.

Pranav Gupta

MUNQS MUN today has come a long way from its humble beginning in 2010 by becoming one of the best school level MUNs in the country. I hope the organizing committee leaves no stone unturned in providing the participants with some dynamic and challenging committees and ensuring that the level of debate exceeds all previous editions of the conference. I wish the organizing committee all the best and hope that the conference is a mega success.

Uday Singh Rana

High officials and diplomats can tell you about how a UN simulation will make youngsters understand contemporary issues of today so that they can work towards them when they grow up, but it only takes a student (particularly one from DPS Mathura Road) to tell you how much Model UN conferences can shape you as an individual. An MUN teaches you to not just think, but structure your thoughts. It teaches you not only to say something, but what to say and when to say it. That triumphant feeling when 600 people in an auditorium are cheering for you and for your delegation, a group of people with whom you've spent night and day training, is incomparable. DPS Mathura Road and it's Model UN and Quiz Society (MUNQS) has given me that and much more. To become a more socially aware person, to interact and work with people who collectively know everything about everything and the feeling of being in a close knit society is what an MUN club will give you. And MUNQS more than any other (We do it rather well. Pardon me for my lack of modesty). To anyone who wants to start MUNing, I say there's no reason you shouldn't. Each conference you attend will change a lot of things about you. And what better place than to start with than the most competitive MUN in the Indian school circuit right now? MUNQS-MUN. If you're fit enough, you'll survive.

Dhruv Gupta

MUNs have become the thing to do for any high school student in this country these days , there is an MUN every other week but when I was a part of the glorious club called MUNQS ,we used to eagely wait for the 2-3 MUN in oct-nov. MUNQS was my first foray into public speaking and from there on Munning ,debating just took off..MUNQS is more of a ever growing family than just a silly school club and it teaches you team work , diplomacy ,gives you knowledge and makea you win. Being the Sec Gen for MUNQSMUN 2011 has been one of the best experiencesin my lifeband now I am glad to see the MUN growing leaps and bound. MUNning may be just a fad these days but at MUNQS we participate to win and I hope the legacy continues. All the best to eveyone who is a part of MUNQSMUN 2013. Keep the DPS flag flying high.

Vahini Menon Kapila

MUNQS, from the time it was created, has been more than just an MUN society in our school. It has been a way for people to learn, grow and transform into more confident and knowledgeable people. MUNQSMUN too, like the society that hosts it, aims to give a new and better experience of an MUN to its participants every year. Because to do what has never been done has always been our goal. I hope that at MUNQSMUN '13 all of you learn and grow.

Aashna Mehra

It is rather hard for me to put into words what MUNQS has done for me. It made me confident about what I said, brought me out of my shell and made me expand my horizons. But, this is something everyone will say MUNQS will do for you. Above everything else, it gave me two of my best and closest friends who I would not have got to know as well as I did had I not been on that trip to NTUMUN Singapore those 5 (holy cow) years ago. Since then, MUNQS has blossomed and I am so grateful to the juniors for giving it your all and more. Good luck and as usual, kick ass (which you will).